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2014 Winter Storm Information

Timber Damage: $360 Million, 1.5 million acres of forestland, 24 counties affected.

The winter storm that blanketed thousands of square miles of South Carolina with snow and ice caused varying degrees of damage to the forests in the eastern half of South Carolina.  Damage to trees ranged from “light,” where branches in treetops were broken, to “heavy,” where trees snapped off, fell over, or lost most of their branches.  Forest damage was highly variable across the affected area and depended on tree species, age, and whether the stand had been thinned recently or not.

Ice Storm Damage Report

A summary of the 2014 February Winter Storm that damaged the forest resource of South Carolina. From the storm's arrival, to the Commission's response, to damage assessment, it summarizes the impact of the storm.




State Forester Gene Kodama declared a Forest Disaster for the state due to the damage inflicted from the winter storm. Results of the timber damage assessment from the recent Winter Storm including a map of the affected area, a summary of the damage by county, and a copy of the Declaration.


Help for Forest Landowners

The level and extent of damage you sustained as well as your ownership objectives will help you determine what actions are needed to restore the health and productivity of your woods. What you need to do for timber damage to large and small acreage is broken down. Levels of damage and points to remember are explained.



Will My Trees Survive?

Homeowners face the dilemma of deciding whether a tree can be saved or whether it is damaged beyond repair. Ice damage categories are presented along with their chance of survival.



Loss of timber from a casualty such as the February ice storm may be deductible from your taxes. The deduction is the lesser of the decrease in fair market value caused by the casualty or your basis in the timber block (the area you use to keep track of your basis). For more information, go to or contact your tax preparer.



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