SC Forestry Commission

Upcoming State Land Timber Sales

Below is a list of current timber sales open for bids on state owned forest lands.


South Carolina Forestry Commission

Sand Hills State Forest

Sealed bids on the attached bid form will be accepted until 10:00 AM, Tuesday, May 28, 2019 for the sale of  approximately 825.1 acres of longleaf and mixed pinestraw.  The sale areas are in Compartment 13 and consist of 32 separate lots.  The sale areas are described on the enclosed bid sheet and maps.  All sale areas are in longleaf pine or mixed pine.  An Orange sign indicating Lot #, Stand #, and Acreage will be placed at a visible location for each stand.

Sealed composite per-ton bids will be accepted until 10:00 AM on Tuesday, May 28, 2019 by Sand Hills State Forest, US HWY 1, four miles south of Patrick, S.C. (16218 HWY 1 Patrick, SC 29584). Submitted bids should be in the form of one blended price per ton of pine, one blended price per ton of hardwood, and a price per ton of fuel chips. This sale consist of SFI and ATFS certified wood.



Manchester State Forest

MSF 595 ADV TS 19
Sealed lump sum bids will be accepted until 11 AM, May 8, 2019, by Manchester State Forest, 6740 Headquarters Road, Wedgefield, SC, for the sale of approximately 2,945 tons of pine pulpwood, 541 tons of pine chip-n-saw, 8,335 tons of pine sawtimber, and 774 tons of hardwood on approximately 183 acres.




Harbison State Forest

Wee Tee State Forest


Poe Creek State Forest


SCFC St. George Nursery


Department of Natural Resources


Department of Corrections



SC Parks, Recreation, and Tourism




Department of Transportation



Other Lands



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