SC Forest Resource Assessment and Strategy

Statewide Forest Resource Strategy


This section outlines strategies that have been selected to address the thirteen priority issues that were identified by the assessment.  In addition, SC Forestry Commission program areas are also described and strategies are referenced.  The strategies addressing the priority issues are outlined in the same order as in the assessment:   Overarching Issues appear first, followed by strategies aligned under the three national themes of Conserving Working Forests, Protecting Forests from Harm, and Enhancing Public Benefits from Trees and Forests.  Most of this information is presented in a matrix format, with number codes used to indicate the national objective that each strategy supports.  Below is a cross reference for these national objectives.  Additional details as well as cross references for other codes listed in the matrix are available in the appendices.

Objective                                                                        Number
Identify and conserve high priority forest ecosystems and landscapes.                 1.1

Actively and sustainably manage forests.                                                           1.2

Restore fire-adapted lands and reduce risk of wildfire impacts                             2.1

Identify, manage, and reduce threats to forest and ecosystems health.                2.2

Protect and enhance water quality and quantity.                                                 3.1

Improve air quality and conserve energy.                                                          3.2

Assist communities in planning for and reducing wildfire risks                              3.3

Maintain and enhance the economic benefits and values of trees and forests.        3.4



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