The South Carolina Forestry Commission's Procurement Division provides purchasing assistance to agency customers and suppliers who rely on the purchasing staff and its many functions. The Procurement Manager provides guidance on general procurement information, procurement policies and procedures, solicitations, awards, and contract administration. For SCFC procurement assistance, please contact:

Victoria O'Cain
SCFC Procurement Manager
(803) 896-8836

Commitment Levels

To make direct procurements subject to compliance with the Consolidated Procurement Code and Regulations not to exceed for each procurement transaction the dollar amounts for the general area of specific commodities and services listed below:

Supplies and services: $100,000 per commitment*

Major firefighting equipment: $1,000,000 per commitment*

Consultant services: $75,000 per commitment*

Information technology: $75,000 per commitment*

*-total potential purchase commitment whether single-year or multi-term contracts are used

To view current SC Forestry Commission solicitations, please visit http://webprod.cio.sc.gov/SCSolicitationWeb/solicitationSearch.do


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