Annual Reports

Accountability Report (pdf)

Restructuring and Seven-Year Plan Report (pdf)

Strategic Plan (pdf)

Forestry's Economic Impact: By The Numbers Forestry Facts & Figures 2018-19

Forest Resource Assessment

SC Forest Inventory and Analysis Factsheet 2010(pdf opens in a new window)

SC Forest Inventory and Analysis Factsheet 2006(pdf)

SC 2000 Forest Inventory Analysis (pdf)

Southern Group's Disaster Response Handbook (pdf will open in a new window)

Forestry Commission's 2014 Forestry Report to the Governor and General Assembly (pdf)

2014 Winter Storm Information

October 2015 Flood Information


Tree Identification
Learn Forestry Tools
Forest Science 6
Forest Science 7
Project Learning Tree


Best Management Practices Manual
Best Management Practices Biomass Supplement
Best Management Practices for Braided Stream Systems: A Supplement to the 1994 BMP Manual
Price List
Primary Wood Using Industries
SCFC Services
Why Burn the Woods?
Do You Care?
Your Timber is Valuable
Before You Sell Timber
Southern Pine Beetle Facts
Current Timber Prices

A Landowners Guide to Forestry in South Carolina - (pdf)


Primary Forest Industry Directory - list of all wood and paper manufacturing industries in the state.

ATTENTION South Carolina landowners, it's time to GROW SOME GREEN

Income Tax Deduction for Timber Casualty Loss (pdf)

Tax Tips for Forest Landowners (pdf)

Federal Income Tax on Timber: A Key to Your Most Frequently Asked Questions (opens in a new window)

A Landowners Guide to Forestry in South Carolina - 2011 (pdf)


South Carolina Harvest and Utilization Study, 2011 (pdf -opens in another window)




Fire Facts
Forest Law Handbook
Smoke Management Guidelines(pdf)
Wildfire in SC
Your Home in the Line of Fire
Laws That Protect Our Forests & People
Prescribed Burn Plan for CPFM(pdf)

State Forests

Harbison State Forest
Harbison State Forest Trail Guide
Manchester State Forest
Manchester State Forest Trail Guide
Manchester OHV Trail Guide
Sand Hills State Forest
Sand Hills Trail Guide
Wee Tee State Forest
State Forest's Long Range Plan (pdf)


Protecting Trees During Construction
Tree Care Booklet
Tree Selection Guide for South Carolina
Tree Planting Guide
When I Grow Up
Trees and People Need Each Other
Newly Planted Trees
Urban Tree Species Guide
What Tree is This?
Fire Smart Plants(pdf)
Familiar Trees of SC (opens in a new window)


Forests of South Carolina, 2018 (pdf)

2014 Winter Storm Information

By The Numbers: SC's Forests Fact Sheet (pdf)

Forest Products Fact Sheet (pdf)

Economic Impact of SC Forests -Analysis (pdf)

Forestry Impact by Numbers (pdf)

South Carolina's Forested Acreage by County (pdf)

SC Forest Inventory and Analysis 2012
(pdf) Tables (pdf)

SC Timber Products Output and Use, 2013

State Forest Sustainable Commitment Statement (pdf)

South Carolina Forestry's 2015 Project

Forestry Commission's 2014 Forestry Report to the Governor and General Assembly (pdf)

South Carolina Forest Resource Assessment (Forest Action Plan)

Value of South Carolina's Timber Delivered in 2011 (pdf)

South Carolina's Most Damaging Wildfire -Highway 31 Fire Horry County

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