Forest Science 7

Written and illustrated by Ken Cabe, Senior Staff Forester
Produced by the S.C. Forestry Commission - 1992



Lesson Instruction Hours
Why Do We Need Forests? 3
Forest Dynamics 1
Forest Stands 1
Silviculture 3
Silvicultural Systems 3
Tree Improvement 4


The South Carolina Forest Science series is designed to provide middle school science teachers with supplementary or alternative lesson material dealing with forestry and related environmental subjects.

The Forestry Commission gratefully acknowledges the contributions of: Commissioner Charles Williams, for conceiving the idea and his leadership throughout the project; Principal Dr. Celestine Pringle, Science Department Chairperson Carolyn Greene, and the teaching staff of J. B. Beck Middle School for the pilot implementation; and Staff Forester Ken Cabe for writing and illustrating the lesson material.

Forest Science teacher's guides were developed by the SC Forestry Commission which accepts sole responsibility for their content. Teachers may reproduce lesson material and artwork for use in their classrooms only. Any other reproduction of the contents of this book is expressly prohibited without written permission from the State Forester of South Carolina or his designee.

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This teacher's guide to seventh grade Forest Science is designed to help you present the basic tenets of managing the forest resource in South Carolina. The book contains six lessons which deal with scientific forest management, including natural science, environmental considerations, and applied genetics.

Each lesson includes factual information as well as italicized teaching suggestions, projects, and extensions.

This book produced by the SC Forestry Commission.
Editorial comments and suggestions are welcomed.

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