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Community Forestry

What is Community Forestry?

The community forest is the aggregate of all vegetation and green spaces within communities that provide benefits vital to enriching the quality of life. Properly cared for and well-managed community forests can provide benefits that far exceed their management costs. Community forests can also bring communities of people together and form connections between humans and the urban flora and fauna.

Additionally, community forests are an integral part of large cities, rural areas, streets, backyards, parks, and open spaces. Community forests provide shade, beauty, and habitat for urban wildlife. Properly planted trees and other vegetation can reduce heating and cooling costs, intercept and store rainwater, improve air quality, and increase property values and local tax bases.

Simply stated, community forestry is the combination of planning, establishment, management, and research of trees and associated plants (individually, in groups, or under forest conditions) within cities, suburbs, and towns. Community forestry addresses the interface between people, the built environment and trees through a dynamic interaction of forestry, horticulture, arboriculture, landscape architecture and urban planning. As cities continue to grow, increasing numbers of people will choose to live, work, and play in community forests, making the field of community forestry critical for healthy and sustainable living.

Turbeville Tree City Ceremony

Community Forestry Services

What do we do?

We provide technical and/or educational assistance regarding community forest inventories and management plans, community and county tree ordinances, grant project implementation, how to become a Tree City USA, proper tree selection, installation, care and maintenance, distribute educational information, coordinate and conduct training workshops, and promote SC’s Arbor Day.

Who do we assist?

Primary assistance is provided to personnel working for towns, cities and counties. Secondary assistance is provided to professional associations, civic and volunteer organizations, state agencies, educational institutions, and businesses.

Financial Assistance & Partnership Grants - Call-for-proposals letter, Grant information brochure, Grant Application & Proposal Packet

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